Here's a little more detail on the benefits you'd get from being a member:

First and foremost, you'll be able to subscribe to the private member feed, with extra episodes that will tell new stories and go deeper on the stories that I tell on the podcast!

  • monthly Fairy Tale Friday show

These will be monthly shows that will come out the last Friday of each month. Like how weird and dark the Little Mermaid was, the awesome twists in the Japanese Fairy Tales, or how different Aladdin was from recent adaptations? Those are the types of stories I'll be telling for the Fairy Tale Friday episodes! If you listen to the show, you know that "fairy tale" does not mean that it is for children. In fact, most times the original stories behind modern adaptations of fairy tales are anything but.

Note: If you subscribe and become a member, you immediately have access to all of the previous member only episodes. There are currently over 15 episodes on the feed.

Click here for a complete list of the member episodes available immediately for all new members.

  • Access to beautifully formatted source packs that complement the show

Most of the sources I've used have translations that are in the public domain. These source packs will be meticulously formatted versions that are essentially what I used on the podcast. Since most of the art that has been done on these stories is in the public domain as well, I'll include famous paintings, drawings, and prints of scenes from the stories right there in the book, next to the scenes they are supposed to depict. This is perfect for anyone who wants to go deeper into the stories. I do a lot of reading on my kindle, and poorly-formatted books drive me crazy. I will take every effort to not only correct spelling and transcription errors from publicly available translations, but format them in an updated and intuitive way.

They will come in volumes consisting of around 10 episodes at a time.

For one month of support, you'll have lifetime access to future source packs through this site, regardless of future support.

  • Ad-free versions of the Myths and Legends podcast

This is the exact same podcast as the main feed, only without the ads! These episodes come out at the same time as the regular show - every Wednesday morning. Note, this starts from episode 40 onward. Ad-free episodes between 27C and 40 will be added on an incremental basis.

Sound good?

Membership to the podcast is $5/month. For your support, you would not only show your appreciation for this weekly podcast, but would help it grow. You would be contributing toward a deeper, more varied, more interesting show. Regardless, thank you for listening.

By popular demand, I've added other non-recurring options for membership. You can now buy a 3-month membership for $15, a 6-month membership for $30, and a discounted year-long membership for $45. These will simply end after the amount of time you choose - you will lose access, but your card won't be charged again.

After checkout, you'll use the login and password you entered below for the private feed and access to the eBooks. Please make your password as simple as possible since you will need to type it into your podcast app.

Note: The checkout process is handled completely through Stripe and I do not have access to your credit card or billing information - because of Stripe's secure checkout process, your credit card number does not even touch my server, and this whole process is encrypted (notice the little lock in the address bar). If you are using mobile, you'll see an extra window pop up from Stripe to enter your payment information. This is normal, and once you enter your information you will complete the payment process on this page.


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