The story of Daedalus and Icarus is much more than just Icarus flying too close to the sun. Daedalus, the inventor, is directly responsible for the labyrinth and the Minotaur. He's a man whose will to survive and desire for significance drives him to make magnificent things, which only bring death, destruction, and tragedy for him and everyone around him.

On the creature of the week, you'll learn how you can keep a Russian forest-dweller from playing pranks on you. All you have to do is burn his entire forest to the ground.

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"The Tide" by Alex Finch

"Cab Ride" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Mosic" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Lights Out" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Avec Toi" by Dana Boul

"Endless" by Dana Boul

"Last Straws for Sale (Instrumental)" by Lisa Germano

"Something Elated" by Broke for Free

"Wandering" by Steve Combs