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  • Elliott

    hey, Jason i was wondering do both podcasts come out every week or every other week? Also, when does the fictional website come out?

  • Gellie Bean

    I love this podcast! I have been listening for about 2 days now and I can say that I’m hooked.

  • Holly Payne-strange

    Is it me, or has it been a really long time since we’ve had a member episode? Do i need to update it or something? Really enjoy the pod cast, one of my favorites!

  • Tyler Knibbe

    I wanted to share the sidehill gouger with my students, but I forgot to save the episode… I was wondering which episode it was from, or if there is a list of the creatures of the week?

  • Adam Coll


    I’ve just started listening to your podcast and it’s amazing! Thank you for taking the time with the source material, it really sets you apart from other places I’ve looked for stories.

    I was wondering if you’ve received any requests for Jewish folklore, specifically stories of the Golem. If not, check it out. I think it could make a great episode. I’m not sure what sources look like, though.

    Thanks for all your work! I’m dreading the day I catch up and have to wait for new episodes!

  • Simone Young

    I’m searching for a podcast on any Aborignal, Polynesian or Asian myth.
    I’m an English teacher my Year 7s will be learning about myths & legends.
    Are you able to point me in the right direction?

  • Jamey Ehrman

    Does anyone know when the next Fictional will drop?

    • It’s every other week, so the next one will be on 10/3

  • Christine Hassall

    Gargoyle is where we get the word ‘gargle’ from 😉

  • Crystal Gomero

    Could you please add the Russian story of Anastasia/Fake Anastasia to your list? I noticed that you like doing stories that were adapted into animated movies. I would love to see your take on the Anastasia story.

  • James O’Grady

    i discovered this podcast at work, looking for history and storytelling, and have listened to almost all of them within a 3 week period… so fantastic, so funny, please do these forever

  • Mackenzie

    I was recommended the show after wanting another podcast similar to Lore. So great! Really impressed by the stories themselves and your impeccable narrative. Creatures of the week are my favorite!

  • Phenominal Anachronism

    Fantastic Show!!!!! I love cultural stories, and was introduced to this podcast by my brother. I was especially interested in the episode he told me contained the Tokoloshe (22C). When I found it, I just wanted to point out two things: the Tokoloshe is Afrikaans, so it’s “Toh-koh-losh”, not “losh-ee”. Second, as a lesser-known fact, it also lights your toes on fire… but only if you sleep on the ground. You just left that but out, but hey! Blame it on the buttercat.
    Thanks! This podcast is so well done with the music, the dry humour, and great stories make it a favourite on the go.

  • Charlotte Hallson

    New listener, love the show so far!

    But, I just wanted to point out a small error in the most recent podcast on Thor. Freyja is not one of the Æsir, she’s a member of the Vanir tribe, who’s home was Vanaheim and not Asgard.

  • Hades

    This is the best podcast ever! Thank you so much, Jason! I love you work and have half a mind to start my own podcast; though it would pale in comparison. I particularly loved your Greek myth stories and cant wait for more.
    As a random note, Im not sure if anyone on the discussion has said, but in your episode In the Dark, you gave a shout out to a member called the Faceless old woman. That is a reference to the podcast Welcome to NightVale, my other favorite podcast. Just throwing that out there.
    Also, I was wondering if you might ever consider doing an episode on the Journey to the West? Its an awesome story from Chinese folk lore and, though it would be rather long, is just the kinda story you might like. There is a YouTube Channel I follow that covered it in a three part, and I can link it below.
    Again, thank you so much for all you do. I love your work and cant wait for more!!

  • Mardy Bum

    Hello from Philippines!

  • Beto

    I love the podcast loco, i listen to it from Argentina and i really love it, keep it up. Could you tell the history of Eos and Orion?

  • ChrispyToeBeans

    Thank you so much for this podcast. My kids and I just love it and your ‘asides’ and background music kick the whole thing to a notch that’s just very cool and often hilarious. Request: more of the lesser-known Grimm’s tales please! Some of them are not very well fleshed-out and I’d love to experience your treatment of them. Thank you for all you do!

    • Phenominal Anachronism

      Yes!!! That would be the best!

  • Alex Basso

    Jason I listen to your viking tales and long series( Like Arthur) on my long drive alone to visit my best friend two states up. It helps me to stay awake because I feel like im engaging in a conversation. Your voice is awesome and I love the humor. Looking foward to the holy grail series of podcasts.

  • Rachel Massey

    when are you going to do Indian and Islamic folklore? super interested to hear your take/story retelling on it!!

  • mintmote

    i’ve been listening to your podcast at work and it’s helping me get through the days. i love your voice and the music choices, and i was very excited that you did an episode with a kumiho story! keep up the great work!

  • mintmote

    hey, i love the show! you have a very good voice for it and pace things out very well. your insights and interpretations of the stories are always interesting too. i’ve been listening while i work and it makes the day move a little faster for me.

    i wanted to sort of put in a request? my personal favorite mythological thing is the Korean kumiho (sometimes romanized as gumiho, too). they are basically these fox demons who take the form of women, lure men into the woods, and eat their heart or liver so that they can become human. i’d love to hear you talk about them sometime! probably not a lot of people have heard of them.

    thanks for everything you do! i’ll be listening as long as you keep making things!

    • mintmote

      actually, i just saw there’s an episode with them in it already! my bad!

  • Callie V

    Jason, this podcast is simply amazing. I’m completely addicted. Could you possibly include more Scottish, Polish, French, Danish and German folktales? I would also love to hear more Japanese ones (if you ever wish to have help on Japanese pronunciation, I study it and can help).

    • James O’Grady

      yess central european folktales what a gold mine

  • Mike

    Hey Jason, is there a list of all the ridiculously funny items you can buy, but could join Myths and Legends instead? I have a standing bet with my father in law, and the pay off is $5 every time. We have varied the actual payment type, but it’s always worth 5 bucks. I love your ideas and wanted to use them at some point if my team ever loses to his team again.

  • Mike

    Thank you for all the entertainment Jason. Regularly listen to your podcast while I finish up work at home in the evenings, it gets me through. Its been a while since you added to the King Arthur series, anything new coming up?

  • Joel Whitley

    William Wallace? Does that count?

  • Jasmin

    Where did the phrase “blame it on the buttercat” come from?

  • Danielle

    I have never been a Podcast listener… until I found this one! If I’m being honest this is still the only Podcast I listen to. I first found it from the Irish legends episodes and have since gone back to episode 1 and “binge listened” to almost every one. As a history major I love hearing the stories behind all these famous (or not so famous) stories.

  • Georgia

    I love this podcast!! I was just wondering though, how could Theseus be an argonaut and the leader of Athens if Medea is Jason’s wife before she marries Aegeus? Thanks, Georgia

    • Jason

      Haha, that is the question, right? The timelines don’t really agree. I should have kept Theseus out of it, but I really wanted to talk about Theseus again.

  • Tori

    I just found your podcast and started listening from the beginning. I was listening to episode 3D and when you mentioned Arthur Rackham’s illustrations, I almost dropped what I was holding. I have a collection of his works. I enjoy your podcast so much! I’m glad I started from the beginning.

  • David Salter

    Awesome show, just started from the beginning and me and my girlfriend are hooked. Keep up the great work!

  • Erik A

    Would love to hear a Creature of the Week about La Llorona (the Weeping Woman), sometimes called the Ditch Witch in the US Southwest. I learned about her growing up in Albuquerque, but I have been told that stories about her in various forms are common in the Spanish-speaking Americas.

    • Jason

      Yes, La Llorona will get a creature of the week spot coming up. I have gotten so many requests for her. Thanks!

  • Erik Augustson

    52 Greek Mythology: A quick comment on the Narcissus tale. My understanding as to why many of the stories say our beautiful narcissistic hero turns into a flower later named after him is that the narcissus is a flower that bends over and faces down. So if there were a pond beneath it, it would be staring at its own beauty like its namesake.

    Been listening to this podcast from the beginning. Great work, interesting, funny, well balanced scholarly homework and engaging story telling style. I have finally broken down and gotten a membership because I need a bigger fix.

    • Jason

      Whoa, awesome detail. I’ll need to include that on a follow-up episode. Thanks!

  • Sandra Love

    Thank you thank you thank you! Thank you for allowing me to indulge in my slight obsession with myths, legends and the paranormal on a daily basis. I love all the stories and have listened to many of them multiple times. Its so awesome to be able to get lost in the interesting, sometimes horrible tales! Thanks so much Jason!

  • Colin W

    I have been listening since episode #1 and I love it. It make longs drives with my family fun. Thank you Jason for bring me joy and inspiring me to learn.

  • Kate

    Where can the show notes be found?

    • Jason

      Those are usually in the podcast player, but I sometimes just copy the shownotes for the individual posts here on the site. Any particular episode you’re looking for?

  • Katie Tieken

    I absolutely love this show! I’d been meaning to start listening to podcasts in general, and finally got started when a friend on social media was asking for suggestions. I went browsing, picking up suggestions from other people. This was actually NOT one of anyone’s suggestions, but suggested by my app as something I’d like based on the others I was looking at. I decided to give this a go first – SO glad I did! (I actually haven’t made it to any of the others suggested, because I’ve been binging on this every chance I get, which is sadly not as often as I’d like!)

    Except for Greek myths, which I’m very familiar with (and LOVE how you’ve handled and streamlined the oft-confusing narratives), I’ve really enjoyed hearing so many stories that I’m either less familiar with, or have never heard before. Even The Little Mermaid, which I *thought* I was familiar with the original story, had some surprising points in it I wasn’t aware of. The Snow Queen even more so – and again, I thought I was familiar with the original story. So I’m very much looking forward to more classic fairy tales, as well as the great myths and legends you cover.

    Speaking of Little Mermaid/Snow Queen/Hans Kristian Andersen in general, brings me to your commentary and various asides. Which I find insightful, and quite often hilarious. I am a huge literary geek, and I love listening not just to the stories, but you delving into the motivations of not just the characters, but the writers, and how it differs from a modern perspective. (I also very much appreciate the feminist commentary.)

    I just signed up for a membership, and I’m sure I’ll thoroughly enjoy all the added content and material you provide. Thank you SO MUCH for creating this podcast, and making it with such a high quality of content and obvious thought and research behind it.

  • Steven on


  • Lia

    My daughter and I very much enjoy listening to your podcast. We had to pause the “Dracula, bad blood” one to post this. “Drac” in Romanian simply means devil. The dragon of fairytales is a “zmeu”. Romanian is a Latin-based language, albeit with some strong Slavic influences. I am native in Romanian and Czech, so I should know…. In Slavic languages, such as Czech, “drak” indeed means dragon. Kind of arcane, but I figured it would be an interesting bit to share.

    • Jackie Grupa

      My understanding is that when Vlad Tepes was around, the word drac meant both “dragon” and “devil” in 15th century Romanian, dracula being “son of the dragon”. But over time drac came to mean only “devil”.

  • Caitlin Sibley

    My fiancee and i look forward to listening to you every week. I used to work for Disney, and I love hearing your segments about fairytales. Please keep on doing what you’re doing. This is the easiest $5 I’ve ever spent. Thank you!

  • ben

    you said wolf when you meant ogre in the first little red hat

  • Sophie

    Have you read Italo Calvino’s Italian Folktales? There’s an Italian version of the Grimm/Little Tailor story called Jack Strong, Slayer of 500 (and actually lots of other great stories too, from all over Italy)

  • Valeriya

    Dear Jason, first of all I love the show! I am Russian myself and really enjoy the way you perform Russian/ Slavic folklore I remember from boring school books. Never have been more excited about it.

    Just noticed, normally you pronounce the name of Charles Perrault the same way as the car Renault (without LT). So it should sound [ʃaʁl pɛʁo]; [Pero] without LT in the end.

    Would be great to hear different interpretations of the Sleeping Beauty… things got a bit weird in the original story.

    Love your work!

  • Meca Silk

    Your podcast is AWESOME! Keep up the great work. I never get tired of listening. During one particularly rough day waiting for a delayed flight home, I started listening to the Hercules episodes and it put me in a better mood and made being trapped at the airport bearable. Thanks for all you do.

  • Jennifer Oday

    I wish you had a chosen a different way to approach Halloween, given its interesting origins. I just hate scary stuff and I listen to theses as I fall asleep. I realize that many people enjoy it though, so good for them.

  • Mayralyn

    Your podcast is amazing! I’ve just started listening about a month ago (as I’ve discovered it at spotify) and I must say you really are good at what you do. I’m a literature lover and listening to your podcast is worth it. If it would help I’d like to suggest the legend of Diarmuid O’Dyna. Congrats for the success of your podcast by the way.

  • Nicholas

    Hey Jason, I started listening to your podcast on spotify a couple weeks ago and instantly fell in love with it. I listen to it when i’m doing my work in math class and it helps me concentrate. The episodes have a good variety and I’ve went through around 20 episodes and they are all good stories! keep up the good work.

  • I love this podcast and I have a joke, Q: what do you call a party-pooper chicken A: A Party Foul


  • Alex

    So, two weeks ago yesterday a friend told me about this podcast. Since then, I have listened to nearly 50 episodes. Thank you for making the show and making my long work drives bearable and easier to stay awake on.

  • Frederieke

    A friend of mine recently introduced me to this podcast and I’m super glad she did!
    I listen to it everyday when biking to school. Thank you for making my bike rides feel a little bit more epic 🙂

  • Jen P.

    Love listening to your show during my long art projects. I’ve recommended it to my brother and friend, and they’re both hooked. I recently finished American Gods and there were so many great gods that I wanted to learn more about. It might be a good source to look to if you are trying to find more stories or variety in stories.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Danie

    I wasn’t going to post until I’ve caught up with every story, but the story of Gelert was too sad. It’s worse than the story of Hachiko. Thank you for this podcast. I look forward to listening to these at work.

  • Theunis Snyman

    If youre going to follow links advertised during this podcast, be very carefull and make sure no one else see your screen. Massive difference between and OMG so embarrasing! I wonder how much more traffic was created by this podcast to

    • Jason

      oh….wow…yeah, that second one is not something I would want to direct people toward. Sorry! I’ll be sure to spell out Harry’s for each subsequent ad. I wonder if that’s a common problem for them…

    • Jason

      P.S. thanks for listening to the ad and for attempting to visit the site 🙂

  • Morphee

    I love your podcasts and listen to them repeatedly
    Great voice and means of presentation ever so lightly sarcastic in a really friendly way so that you can talk about shocking events but still seem so gentle in your reprimands and comments – delightful

  • Nick Hink

    Hey Jason,

    I love the show and all of the different cultures you cover! I do not know if you’ve ever received this request, but there is a really good Irish Folktale called the King with Horse’s Ears. It’s my son’s favorite story.

    As a forewarning though, the names are a bit hard to pronounce through an English language lens.

    Can’t wait to see what’s next!


    P.S. I am thoroughly enjoying the tale of Jason and the Argonauts so far!

  • Emily T

    Hi! As a mythology nerd, I was so excited when I found this podcast. Listening to it has actually inspired me to start a blog about mythology, so thanks for the inspiration! Also, your commentary is hilarious. Also, I’m curious how you find all of these weird creatures for creature of the week because they’re always strange.

  • Eve

    I found your podcast on Spotify one day while looking for something other than music to listen to. I love it! The stories and all the information you give are great. Now I listen on my way home or while falling asleep. Great job!

  • EnMarionet

    I love your podcast! Just recently found it while I was browsing through Spotify for podcasts. I have been listening to it non stop. Episode 20 and running!!

    Btw, you might get some other inspirations from Filipino Folklore. I added some links for your references: ( There are some other links of other folklores in the sidebar.)

  • YPZ

    sorry I speak Greek.

  • YPZ

    A creature of the week you could use is the Kamaitachi from Japanese legend. If you do please tell me thanks. Oh and speak Greek because that is where I am from but live in america.

  • Scruph

    I was listening to a recent Red Eye podcast in which Tom Shillue listed your podcast as one the ones he routinely listens to. I’m now hooked as well. Thanks, you do a wonderful service in bringing life to these stories. Thoroughly enjoyable!

  • ypz

    My name is George.

  • ypz

    Jason a friend of mine Daniel Rose told me about this podcast it is very good but you need to add more King Arthur tales. By the way do you speak any foreign languages?

    • Jason

      Sadly I don’t speak any foreign languages. King Arthur is fun, but I try to have more variety – I’m glad you like those ones, though.

  • ypz

    This podcast is awesome also a tale you should tell is the tale of Theseus from Greek Mythology.

    • Jason

      Check out episodes 17A-17C 🙂

  • DeadlyBlonde

    Jason, thank you so much for sharing your stories and talent. I so enjoy listening to your voice as I find it both entertaining and relaxing. I have been listening to your Podcast non-stop like running a marathon. I just cant get enough. Count me in as a huge fan! DeadlyBlonde💞

  • J R

    WOW, I listened to one story, and one week later I have listened to all the amazing and fantastic tales, and know more about folklore than I thought I ever could!!! This podcast, without a doubt is recommended!

    • J R

      I was also wondering if you could maybe do a story on magicians and warlocks, thanks!! 🙂 I was also wondering if you wrote the scripts for the podcast by yourself, or just take bits and pieces from various sources

      • Jason

        That’s a good idea! If I can piece together enough different stories, then I’ll do an episode on warlocks & magicians. I write all the scripts. I use the originals as references, but I don’t copy anything.

        • J R

          Some stories of magicians could be, Abe No Seimei who is sometimes referred to as the Japanese Merlin, and/or Morgana Le Fay from Arthurian Legend, thanks again for your amazing podcast!!! 🙂

          • J R

            Sorry to bother you again but we are going to Japan this year and my Dad was wondering if you could do some more Japanese stories, so we could get a sense of the culture

          • J R

            Oh, shooooooooooot, sorry about the multiple requests for Morgana Le Fay and Abe No Seimei, I thought I had sent it the first time but it didn’t appear on my screen, so I resent it multimole times, sorry

        • J R

          How about a story of Abe No Seimei, or Morgana Le Fay

      • J R

        Maybe some stories could be of Morgana Le Fay from Arthurian legends, and/or Abe No Seimei who is sometimes referred to as the Japanese Merlin!

        • Jason

          You had me at Japanese Merlin. That sounds amazing. Morgan le Fay will absolutely come up in the Arthurian legends as we go. She’ll likely get her own episode.

  • LiteratureLoony

    I love this podcast! I too have a background in folklore, legends, and fairy-tales! I’m the mom of a seven month old and don’t have a lot of time to continue my research, but a friend recommended your podcast and I’m hooked! I’ve been able to listen on my drive to work and at home when I have some “free” time. I’ve been wanting to dive into Russian folklore for years and can’t wait to listen to your podcasts about Baba-Yaga. I’ve been devouring your King Arthur series in preparation for a four week course I’m teaching to my middle school class about Arthur and his knights!


    Hi Jason!!
    LOOOOOOOOVE the podcast!! It’s one of my favorites to listen to on my commute. I’ve (most unfortunately) caught up on the episodes, so now I’m reduced to waiting impatiently for new ones to come out. 🙁 Also joined as a member, so I’m hoping I can figure out how to access the extra podcasts! Also love the soothing quality of your voice and the sarcasm you incorporate into each podcast. Makes me giggle. 🙂

    Will you consider an episode on Beowulf (and Grendel!!)? I understand that it might be outside your scope, but hope you’ll at least explore it.


    • Jason

      Thank you so much for becoming a member!!

      YES! I’m so excited to do Beowulf. As of right now, I have him slated for mid-November. I just got the Seamus Heaney and Tolkien versions, so hopefully I have all my bases covered 🙂

  • HalpWeNeedYou

    Oh nooooo what happened to our arrows so we can go back to older episodes??? We can’t subscribe at work and you help several of the designers here make it through the day! Please!

    • Jason

      Whaat? It disappeared? I’ll get right on this. I paid for a better one so people could listen here.

    • Jason

      Ok, it appears to have been randomly de-registered. I fixed it, but if it happens again let me know at and I’ll fix it ASAP. I can’t get WordPress to notify me when comments come in.

      • BeenHelped

        You’re a hero among men!

        PS we are designers and totally down to help with anything y’all need. I remember you did a shoutout about some awesome merch etc in one of the earliest episodes

  • Trey Forbes

    I absolutely love this podcast. I found you on Spotify and I listen everywhere. In my car, while exercising, on walks, before bed & of course just for leisure. You’re podcasts are my favorite thing ever. I swear this is the “adult’s” version of a bedtime story!

  • jefferson

    what a blast!
    i just found your podcast today (Sept 4th). i love it! history of legends and myths such as King Arthur is totally my childhood.
    good job!

  • Jack

    “They ,once again, Nascar Wolf it”

  • LaBelgiqueMeManque

    This podcast is my absolute favorite by far! The three part Irish one with Cù Chullain quite touching.
    Some ideas if you ever need them; the Iranian and Caucasian peoples have very interesting mythology. Some of my favorites are Armenian, Persian, Kurdish and Azerbaijani myths and legends. I don’t know exactly how much is on the internet but if you come across it maybe it would be good.
    Anyways, thank you so much for these podcasts!

  • Jim Grice

    You are one of the most entertaining persons I have had the pleasure to hear! Keep up your wonderful stories!

  • Katie

    I just discovered this podcast last week and have been binge listening ever since. Your voice is wonderful and you really do these stories justice.

    Love from Halifax,

  • finearethefoxes

    just wanted to say that i love your podcasts!! would be keen to hear more arthurian legends and greek mythology!

  • Justin Rauschuber

    So one day I was about to go outside and mow my lawn and was figuring what I should set to listen to while mowing. I searched for podcasts on my iPhone and it suggested this podcast. Fast forward a few months and I am totally obsessed with this podcast! I listen to it on my way to work, on my way home, while cooking, and pretty much any other time I can. It is a great way to get the “down and dirty” and even comical parts of myths and folklore from around the world. Great job Jason & team, keep up the great work!!

  • Justine

    Hello Jason,
    I want to say that I love to listen to your podcast, I just started recently and enjoy the variety. I just want to let you know that I am very disappointed in your Little Mermaid episode. Several times you call this the worst story because she does things like fall in love at first sight… But doesn’t that happen in almost every story you’ve told before. I think you miss some of the bigger ideas in it. Describing what the world looks like above the water isn’t because he believes we don’t know what it looks like, it’s to show how different our world can look like from another view. I know Anderson makes some of her choices silly, like going through a field when she could just go over, but it is just another way to show what sacrifices she is willing to do for “love”.
    Yes, I agree, the idea of love at first sight and all these silly actions she takes are ridiculous but the story is so beautiful and it seems like you were unwilling to look at only the absurd and not see the reasons or bigger picture Anderson was trying to portray. Even the sisters show the theme of sacrifice for love, in the story it is mentioned that their hair is very important to them and they give it up for their sister. An easy enough thing for people but it’s supposed to be a big deal for them. There just seems to be so much more to the story than you are giving it credit for.
    I found myself getting angry at the sarcastic tone through out the episode, especially since some of the stories have been just as ridiculous and have contradicted themselves many times over but for some reason this one offends you more…
    I really do love the show and I apologize for this long unwarranted comment, but this has been my favorite story for a really long time and for some reason I felt offended. Trust me, I know that I shouldn’t be, it’s not my story and you have every right hate it if you want to. I just needed to let you know that I think there is more to it.
    Thank you!
    Continue your awesome podcasts and telling us new stories!

    • Jason

      Haha yes, you are absolutely right. I do have some regret about the perspective I took with that story. There is quite a bit more to it than I gave it credit for, and there is a beautiful love story in there. I was new at that point and was still figuring out the tone I would take with the podcast. It definitely is not the worst story I have ever read, and I plan to do a look back on it and other stories if I can ever get around to the anniversary episode. Thanks for letting me know, and you are definitely not alone with your love of the story. That’s one of the most polarizing episodes I’ve done.

      • Justine

        Thank you for being understanding of my little rant there!
        Keep up the good work!

  • Dustin L

    Great show! I really enjoy the stories and you do a great job providing them. However, consider saving any commentary for the end. It is much more enjoyable to hear the story as it was intended. I and my brother really like the show and even appreciate what you have to add, but it is always better when you wait till the end to share your opinion.

  • Charissa Johnson

    I’ve fallen in love with this podcast! I have a 2 hour commute to and from work each day. Listening to these stories told so eloquently and with a hint of humor has made my commute so much better. Instead of dreading the long drive I now get excited to either continue a story and begin a new one!

  • Keith L

    I have now officially listened to every episode. I can’t say enough good things about this podcast. Such good storytelling, explanations, and character development that fills in the gaps where other literary works lack. Thank you for bringing these histories and legends to life!!! #foreverafan

  • Donna Singmaster

    Hi Jason
    I’m a member and can’t figure how to listen without ads. When I sign in I get a pop up that reads ‘open in news?’ Regardless of how I answer it just goes nowhere. Can you help explain?
    I’ve listened to the last episode twice bec it’s so packed with story. A lot to follow there. Superb job of condensing, explaining, editorializing (especially idea for hi jinx film with Odin Thor and two kids), creating visuals with your words. Look forward to each weeks new episode. DS

  • StormWarriors2

    Dang this is awesome!

  • StormWarriors2

    Dang this is awesome!

  • Jenerys

    Your show is the highlight of my week. I may have to wait for my Christmas bonus, but I’ll get a membership sooner or later!

  • lodown dirtydog

    love your show it is awesome you should do brave

  • Clancy

    This is by far the best Podcast I have ever heard. It gives an expression of the story with a modern description with plenty of Sarcastic humor. I can honestly say I am completely addicted to this show. Like I tell my wife, this is an addiction to be proud of. Keep up the awesome work!!!

  • Blatant Pop Culture Reference

    I love the podcast. Just love it. It’s fascinating to be able to learn about so many cultures through their stories, and you do it in such a great way. Keep up the good work!

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      Thanks! I try to include a bunch of different ones. Everyone loves the Greco-Roman myths, but there are so many great stories out there.

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      I’m working on not only putting together a bibliography for the episodes, but having all the available public domain files here on the site for easy reading.

      Basically, I find absolutely all the earliest versions of the stories I can, read them, and then try to work them into a cohesive narrative while still being as accurate as possible.

      • TimRiley

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      Please point it out 🙂 the pronunciations are one of the most difficult things about this podcast. Some creatures are so obscure that they don’t have much written on them, let along pronunciation guides. There’s now a wider audience that I can ask for help, so hopefully it will get better with time.

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          Yeah…that’s something I didn’t realize until much, much later. I think I have corrected it, but that’s one of those mispronunciations (like my serial and ironic mispronunciation of “pronunciation”) that sneaks out from time-to-time.

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      There’s one coming up from Arabian folklore that I really enjoy. It will also give us another chance to talk about the djinn (genies). That’s been requested many times since the original Aladdin episode last year.

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