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306-Latin American Folklore: Payback

Two stories from Latin America folklore about people (and animals?) getting payback. The first is a story about why you shouldn't bite strangers. The second is about a man who can make the dead rise...but for a small fee will make sure that they stop.

305-Turkish folklore: Angry Bird

The story of the Bird of Sorrow, from Turkish folklore, has love, loss, gratitude, people messing up coffeehouses, genie girlfriends, and elaborate pranks involving not being able to take off your pants.

303-Japanese Folklore: Rice and Means

Two stories from Japan about samurai (and wannabe samurai) following their dreams. Too bad it takes fights with giant creatures and a little bit of murder to do so.

300-Norse Christmas: A Slaying Song Tonight

An abbot spends Christmas surrounded by outlaws in the dark forest, so he can listen to mysterious, otherworldly music. A farm has a fun Christmas tradition where employees end up dead on Christmas morning. It must be the holidays in Swedish and Icelandic folklore.

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Carissa is a former audiology professor with a background in psychoacoustics, linguistics, and creative writing. She loves her family, photography, tennis season, and riding horses.

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Jason is a former hospital researcher with a background in English literature and narrative theory. He's a big fan of his wife and child, hiking, Batman, and cake (the dessert, but the band's ok, too).

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