Videos of actual places we've talked about on the podcast! Like the island where Icarus crashed down, and the hill that the Lambton Worm wrapped himself around.

This is something I would love to do with the podcast - go to locations we've talked about and take sweeping, amazing shots with a camera on drones. I like the drones because you can get great videos of the whole locale from above and all around, without being bound to a shaky human hand. Until we get to the point where I'm about to go out and do this, we'll have to stick with what we can find. I looked all around, and I found the best videos of the locations in the myths and legends we've talked about taken by drones.

King Arthur

King Arthur, while probably not a real person, was associated with several real locations. Unfortunately, only about two of those have decent drone videos.


Stonehenge, or the Giant's Dance, has many different origin stories. The one we talked about on the podcast (also in episode 6C) is where Merlin went to Ireland with Uther's forces and enchanted the stones so they were super-light. Everyone then just carried them over and placed them in England. The lesson: always ask a wizard to help you move.


If you remember from episode 6C, during the war with Uther Pendragon, Gorlois, the Duke of Cornwall, hid his wife away in Tintagel Castle. He did this because she was the reason for the war. Uther Pendragon wanted to be with her. The only problem? Gorlois didn't think about Uther's wizard wingman. As you know, Merlin transformed Uther so he looked like Gorlois, and the high king just walked into the castle and made the Lady Igraine think he was her husband. That's how Arthur came about.

Looking at this, you can see how this castle (now just ruins) would be safe from invaders. It's right on the coast, and nestled safely in the Duke of Cornwall's territory. It's one of the famous King Arthur tourist locations. It's also known as King Arthur's birth place, but that's not in the medieval legends. That's an addition by Alfred Lord Tennyson in the 1800s.

What's left of the castle only makes a brief appearance around 2:15 and then again at 3:30.

The Lambton Worm

One of the more famous local legends from episode 25, this, too, is associated with real locations.

Penshaw Hill

There's some debate where exactly the Lambton Worm wrapped himself during the day. Some places say Penshaw Hill (the video below) and others say it was the more appropriately named Worm Hill. Worm hill is considerably smaller than Penshaw Hill, so I'm inclined to believe that one...insofar as I am being realistic about the Lambton Worm story...

Also, there's a monument built on the top of Penshaw hill. It's completely unrelated to the story, and it was built hundreds of years after the events of the story supposedly took place.

Greek Mythology


In episodes 17A-C, a lot of the action takes place in the city of Athens. Looking up at the acropolis, you can see just how deadly the fall for young Talos would have been in episode 17B. This is a modern version of the city, but it has a lot of good shots of the acropolis.


The island of Crete also played a big role in episodes 17A-C (as well as the Hercules episodes - remember the bull?). I like this one because it is what Icarus and Daedalus would have seen as they flew away from the captivity King Minos. This is a video with fantastic production value, and you really get a great idea of what it would be like to fly over the Greek isles.


This video is a bit lacking - the shots are a bit tight for such a beautiful locale - but I geeked out a bit when I saw that there was actually a drone video of Icaria. This is where Daedalus pulled his son Icarus to shore, and the island became famous (and named) for its association with the overeager young man.

Mount Olympus

The last one you have absolutely heard of, regardless of whether or not you've heard the podcast. The Mount Olympus is a little underwhelming, but it's worth a look. I'm not sure exactly where it is in the first video, but it's pretty prominent in the second one.

Those are the best drone videos I could find of the the places we've talked about so far. Have any other videos? Pictures? You can post them in the comments below! All you have to do is paste the URL and it should do the rest.