Instead of one long story, this week I'm telling four stories about canines from folklore from all around the world. We'll go back to the Norse gods and goddesses where Loki will make more poor choices. Then I'll talk about the legend of the black dog of the UK and Ireland. There's the weird and hilarious story of a little dog that was made king of Denmark, and how the people took it surprisingly seriously. Finally, I'll round out the show with the saddest story about a dog you've ever heard.


Also, I know Fenrir is a wolf and not a dog, but his inclusion will fit with the narrative arc of the show, I promise.


On the creature of the week, it's a tiny, angry old man who lives in an anthill and really, really wants you to stay off his lawn.


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My miniature dachshund, Abbie!

The dog king riddle



"Living Legends" by False Awakenings

"Ambient" by Strange Day

"In the End" by The Losers

"If There's Time" by Odesza

"Something Elated" by Broke for Free

"Wandering" by Steve Combs