The story of Hercules is one part gritty, serious tragedy and two parts over-the-top monster fights. This week, in the origin story of one of the greatest mythological heroes of the western world, we get to see the human side of the demigod before the story goes completely off-the-rails and it's just one big monster fight topping the next. But don't worry, there are also monster fights this episode.

We'll see that Zeus is essentially the Don Draper of the Greek pantheon, only without all that pesky introspection or likability, and that if your husband cheats on you, you should bring down horrible punishments on everyone but him.

On the creature of the week, it's a grotesque little piggy that just needs a hug.


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"Melancholy" by DDmyzik

"Offerdal" by Simon Mathewson

"Shipwreck in the Pacific Ocean" by Rolemusic

"Scientology and the Masses" by statusq

"Fine without you (Remix)" by Steve Combs

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