In this Russian Fairy Tale from the same collections as the stories of Koschei the Deathless, we find a prince who goes on a quest for the firebird. This leads us into a Russian nesting quest situation, where he ends up on a quest-within-a-quest-within-a-quest. We'll also follow his doofus brothers, who decide that taking an extended camping trip getting drunk in their silk party tents is much better than questing.

On the creature of the week, it's a large horse-headed monster who will push you down or trample you...all while giggling like a child.


The sponsor this week: Imakeokthings

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"Dew" by Cousin Silas/Black Hill

"Mile Post 1" by Alex Fitch

"Jackbird" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Celeste" by Alex Fitch

"Gondola Blue" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Something Elated" by Broke for Free

"Wandering" by Steve Combs