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210-Russian Legends: Dragons, Dragons Everywhere

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The story of Dobrynya the dragon slayer from Russian folklore is the tale of a young man finding his heroic destiny, from magical hats to skinny dipping and dancing with baby dragons. Sorry, did I say dancing *with* baby dragons? I meant dancing *on* baby dragons. The creature is the lavellan a plague-ridden [...]

61-Solomon: One Ring

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According to folklore, King Solomon had a ring. Given to him by God, it allowed him control demons...but it also had some other powers unknown to Solomon, powers that make it essential for fighting dragons, escaping witches, and taking nice Sunday afternoon flights through the country. The creature is a shaggy, mostly-kind monster [...]

53-African Folklore: Crocodile Tears

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The story of a dragon slayer from South Africa has, of course, dragons, but it also has giant towers, underwater villages, and a frog who is just trying to have a nice dinner with his family without all the insults, thank you very much. The creature this week is the world-famous Leprechaun. You should definitely not [...]

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