For this Halloween episode, we are doing something different. Instead of diving into the stories of the past, I’m telling stories of the present. Urban legends are a more modern version of folklore where, instead of telling stories of hydras and butter cats, we tell stories of things that might just exist. In these, people are the true monsters, and the most mundane of situations can be strange, dangerous, and terrifying.

Link to that creepy article about the woman in the cupboard:

“Independent Film” by Steve Combs

“A Certain Lightness” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Aisatsana” by Graham Bole

“Trap” by Jahzzar

“Bravado” by Gurdonark

“Direct To Video” by Chris Zabriski



Not a lot of intense violence, but someone does lose an arm. A dog dies, too, but it's not graphic...just sad...

Most of the scares are psychological in nature, of people watching us when we don't know it. I find that to be very creepy, and young children might as well.