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54B-Gilgamesh: Huge

Gilgamesh and his new best friend are heading out on an adventure to fight a firebreathing giant named "Hugeness the Terrible." Also there's a giant deadly bull fight, talk of zombies, some tiny shoes, and light hand-holding. If those things don't make you want to listen to this episode I can't think of anything else that would.

The creature this week is splinter cat, the enemy of arboretums everywhere.

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Very light talk of sex...one character just wants another's seed and says as much. I thought it might be weird if young kids heard that, but I'm probably being too cautious.

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  1. Jerry Cornelius January 31, 2018 at 10:50 am - Reply

    Gilgamesh Immortal, wild born, wore lion skins
    till tamed by the priestess Ishtar
    Hero and sage, he defeated mortality
    the relentless tyranny of Time

    Invincible Conqueror, he first captured Uruk
    then even to Lebanon on the middle sea shore
    Sumer’s great gods he brought and smashed idols
    his glories are carved in the permanent stone

    Gilgamesh Emperor refused his mortality
    challenged this affronting curtailment of power
    He curses the Gods who gave mankind death
    and kept immortality themselves

    He desecrates the temples, dismantles the altars
    discredits the ancient beliefs
    Then Gilgamesh wanders, again wearing lion skins
    searching for everlasting life

    But he cannot claim one hundred years
    or even five days in this world
    till Sleep gently takes to her restful abode
    the great warrior docile and blind

    Eternity he finds in the cavernous dark
    too much time to hope to endure
    Is this then my fate or will I cease to be?
    Gilgamesh resolves to inquire

    The answer he learns, as sailors well know
    lies on the deep ocean floor
    But that bitter truth, encased in sharp spines
    has never been brought back to shore

    Undaunted sage who searched beyond heaven
    for the secret to undying youth
    ties rocks to his feet, descends through the deep
    poised at the threshold of death

    Gilgamesh plucks and swallows that fruit
    too thorny for mortals to hold
    Then returning to Uruk reigned fifty more years
    devoted and caring for all

    Ninety-nine years was his time on this earth
    after ninety-nine years and nine days
    maggots appeared, a great stench arose
    his corpse was consigned to the flames

    All of Sumeria worshipped the demigod
    in rites lasting one thousand days
    Five thousand slaves and seventy maidens
    attend him beyond the grave

    The funeral, remembered for eighty four years
    was portrayed in gold and bright stones
    The shrine was revered for five hundred more
    then plundered and levelled by foe

    But Gilgamesh Immortal has no need of monuments
    from clay to papyrus he strides
    From parchment to print and digital media
    technologies yet to arrive

    Ripples arise in the seething entropy
    multitudes exist and subside
    Five thousand years and all that has passed
    Gilgamesh alone survives

  2. Lvl 1 Bard December 24, 2016 at 2:13 am - Reply

    Hello Mythpodcast!

    I have just recently caught up to the current episode (54B) and I started in September. Ultimately, I’d like to say that I’ve enjoyed the podcast up to this point and it has made commuting two hours everyday a much better experience. I’m sad I’ll not be listening to mythpodcast as avidly anymore, but glad I no longer need to commute so much and I can listen as the episodes are released.

    Thanks for making my life better,

    P.S. Where do you guys post your sources for the episode? I remember a few things being off in the Norse myths but I can’t recall them exactly now.

  3. Duane December 22, 2016 at 5:51 pm - Reply

    It’s 54B, not 45B. You’re also in Spotify! Great podcast!

    • Jason December 22, 2016 at 11:08 pm - Reply

      oops! Yep. I’ll have to fix that – thanks for letting me know.

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