54C-Gilgamesh: Dust

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54C-Gilgamesh: Dust

The end of the saga of Gilgamesh...and possibly the end of Gilgamesh, but not if the demi-god has anything to say about it. After a tragic loss, Gilgamesh goes on a quest to defeat mankind's greatest enemy - death itself, and he learns the secrets of our destructive past.

The creature this week slathers his naked body in mud and twigs. Hows that for juxtaposition?

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  • Vivienne

    Hi jason, I was talking to my dad about the story of Gilgamesh, and he said when he read it he remembered a drum and drumsticks which Gilgamesh dropped in to the nether world through a hole in his kitchen (or something similar) ? It’s probably another variation of the epic, like you mentioned in 54A. Also thank you for making this podcast, it gives me something to look forward every Wednesday, and I really enjoy hearing all the tales from different cultures across the world.