The collection known as "Arabian Nights" actually has an overarching story. And it is...interesting. Full of djinn, demons, kings, and slaves, it's an incredibly interesting way to set up one of the best known collections of folklore. The framing narrative (a way to set up a story-within-a-story) is actually much more interesting than many of the stories it sets up, with betrayal, trickery, and probably the most sex and violence we've encountered so far on this podcast.

The creature this time is a wise old owl...who doesn't have a problem bringing it in the fight against demons trying to steal your fingernail clippings.

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Sex and violence pretty much throughout. There are a lot of people cheating on kings and then dying for it. Nothing explicit, but a king cuts a woman and her lover in half, murders over 1000 women, and two men are raped.