Threes are everywhere in folklore, and today we look at stories where they feature the most prominently: The three bears, the three little pigs, and Cinderella. The tales told and adapted for children children, the three pigs and Cinderella,  are extremely bloody and unforgiving, while the one that was originally for adults - the three bears - is about three very chill best bear friends enjoying a fun afternoon before dealing with a deeply psychologically troubled intruder.

The creature this time adds to our list of mythpodcats...and it's further proof that, given half a chance at victory, your cat wouldn't hesitate to kill you.

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"Associations" by Podington Bear | "Don't Go" by Podington Bear | "In My Head" by Podington Bear | "Rope Swing" by Podington Bear | "As I was Saying" by Lee Rosevere | "More on That Later" by Lee Rosevere | "Alphabet Soup" by Podington Bear | "Relinquish" by Podington Bear


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