As I was reading the story of Gouyen, I couldn't believe it was a true story - the lengths and the danger this woman went to in order to bring her husband's killer to justice. She's brave, intelligent, and ruthless when it comes to going after her goals. And her story doesn't end there. Her name ends up associated with one of the most famous Apache warriors in American history and his fight against the United States.

The creature this time is what happens when you reaaaaaaally want to grow wings and pull your own head off (I mean, more than we all want to do all the time)


"El Tajo" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Drch" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Meekness" Kai Engel

"Harbor" by Kai Engel

"La Costilla" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Tolls Folly" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Villano" by Blue Dot Sessions


A link to the excellent comic about Gouyen

The books (No affiliate links because I'm feeling kind of lazy):

Also: "In the Days of Victorio" by Eve Ball