Horus's uncle Set murdered his father, and because his mother was shrewd, he gained the throne and the murderer was exiled to the South. There was just one problem: Set wasn't going to go quietly. He vowed on the day he left to kill Horus, feast on his flesh, and reclaim the throne for himself. The boy Pharaoh, Horus, watched Set and his followers go, and knew he had to be ready. The war was coming.

The creature this time is the vegetable man, and, no worries, he's not going to make you eat your vegetables. As a (possible?) vegetable himself, he's way more interested in eating you.

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A mention of sexual assault and then a man putting his "seed" on another man's lettuce leaves in order to get him back for it. It then comes out of the other man's ears on command and forms a golden disc above someone's head. Because sure, why not?