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Reynard, having received a pardon from the Lion who was a King, is up to his old tricks. Like, immediately. He bit the head off the rabbit that was accompanying him on a holy pilgrimmage before he even left the kingdom.

Of course, the ground is shrinking beneath Reynard, and it won't be long before the fox who needs to deceive to survive runs into the king's justice and the king will only fall for the same lies so many times.


"When we set out" by Podington Bear | "Bit Rio" by Podington Bear | "Massive Attack" by Podington Bear | "Puppy" by Podington Bear | "Bell Solo" by Podington Bear | "Mystery Coat" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Noe Noe" by Blue Dot Sessions


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Someone gets an eye gouged out. More talk of death and the mention of rape.