Prison. Assassins. Marionette dance parties. The original story of Pinocchio has it all. Of course, you know of Pinocchio and Geppetto, but did you know that Geppetto, in order to get the wood to make Pinocchio, had to chew on an old man's wig? Or that the original story had a shockingly brutal end, even for an 1800s children's tale? Check it out. This story is wild.

The creature this time is a giant grasshopper who wants to have your kids over for dinner. And no, he's not being playfully ambiguous with that wording. He's going to eat your children and there's nothing you can do to stop him because he's a twelve foot tall grasshopper.


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Ok, so here are some spoilers.

Pinocchio is a profoundly disobedient kid. He breaks Geppetto's nose pretty much the moment he's born and gets him arrested before accidentally burning his own feet off. Geppetto forgives him, and he almost immediately squanders that goodwill to try and make a quick buck, which leads to him being hung by the neck until he dies.

Oh, and Pinocchio murders the inspiration for Jiminy Cricket with a hammer ten minutes after meeting him.

So yes, probably not great for young children.