126-Wendigo: Hunger

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126-Wendigo: Hunger

On our annual Halloween episode, it's stories of a monstrous creature who stalks the north woods...and how they might be sitting right next to you.

The creature is a vampire that's super scary...only it can't actually walk...and more so bounces everywhere...and hates messy rooms.


"Traffic" by Kai Engel | "Somnolence" by Kai Engel | "Delirium" by Kai Engel | "Nothing (Bonus Track)" by Kai Engel | "Mare" by Kai Engel


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It gets kind of brutal this week, with a couple lightly-graphic depictions of cannibalism and murder.

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  1. Joejoebeans November 1, 2018 at 5:01 pm - Reply

    Hello, I love the show. And fictional as well.

    I’m struck with this latest show and the politics of sharing a story. Are you Cree? Did you ask permission from Cree councils to share this story? Which ones?
    Assuming you are not Cree, and in fact are a settler, I will ask that you please practice critical thought when it comes to sharing and using and capitalizing on the stories that have been stolen from, or are created about the people that are still disenfranchised and oppressed by our (I’m a settler too) presence. Or if you did think this through please share with us what your thoughts and process is. Use your platform you have deservedly crafted and share with us what it means to you as a settler to share a story about/ from indigenous folks.

    For many victims of hate and crime, let alone genocide, internalized and generational oppression, and displacement and occupation.
    What a victim has left is their story their truth. For settler culture to toil with the truth of others we oppress is a very delicate thing that deserves respect, transparency and most importantly consent.

    • Jeff Bentley November 7, 2018 at 1:10 am - Reply

      Joejoebeans is ridiculous. This show treats its subject matter and cultures with great respect. Stories that have circulated for hundreds of years are for the public domain to tell. Keep doing what you’re doing Jason!

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