In this prelude to the Trojan War, we learn the origin of the most famous Greek hero, and maybe the most reviled Trojan prince. Also, you shouldn't let Hera plan your wedding because a bitter decade-long war might break out because of it, and if you invite Poseidon, you're going to get an immortal horse as a gift to your wedding so, you know, invite Poseidon.

The creature this week is the Lady of the Land. There are way safer and easier ways to make money than killing dragons. Like kissing dragons on the mouth. Don't worry, I explain it in the Creature of the Week (kind of).


"Smooth Actor" by Podington Bear

"Reckoning" by Podington Bear

"Box Canyon" by Podington Bear

"Thom Yorke at Home" by Podington Bear

"Only Lonesome" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Only Lara" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Belted Kingfisher" by Chad Crouch


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The mention that centaurs rape people and talk of a couple consummating their relationship.