The jig is up, the news is out, they finally found Tristan and Isolde. They were renegades who had it made, but they were caught red-handed...mainly because of the blood...when Tristan and Isolde fell into the dwarf's trap and attempted a late night tryst. The executioners are already building their pyre, and they will be thrown atop it in the morning.

The creature is a horse with gross little noodle legs. Oh and also he might try eat you, but really, which mythological creature won't try to eat you?


“Thin Passage” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Stucco Grey” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Holo” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Entwined Oddity” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Deathly Recitation” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Closing” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Brooks” by Kai Engel

“Symphony No 1 (Hope)” by Steve Combs

“Stickle” by Blue Dot Sessions


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Tristan and Isolde continue being Tristan and Isolde, so there are references to them having sex. Nothing explicit, though. There's also some slight violence when a character saws another's head off.