King Pwyell just wants to go hunting in the dark forest alone. What's the worst that can happen? Huh? Forced to live for a year away from his people at the demand of an otherworldly king? Yeah, ok, that's kind of bad.

It's the first branch of the Mabinogion, the original source for a few of the stories we've told on this podcast, like the very first story from this podcast, that of Yvain and the lady of the fountain. We're finally diving into this amazing work of Welsh folklore and over the next two weeks we'll be covering the first two branches.


Fictional is back!


“A quirky cue” by Jermaine Stegall | “Serious Situation” by Bruce Zimmerman | “Elephants on Parade” by Podington Bear | “Aim is True” Podington Bear | “Minor Islands” by Podington Bear | “Boardwalk” by Podington Bear


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To frame a woman for murder, other women kill puppies and spread the blood and some bones on the woman, to make it look like she ate her newborn. He's fine though. I don't get graphic, but it's pretty dark.