The story of an ancient Indian king who goes on a fetch quest through an evil-looking cemetery and listens to the worst podcasts of all time...hosted by a ghoul he has slung over his shoulder, and if he doesn't pay attention, he could die.

The creature is a crow-grasshopper who will make you vomit (if it doesn't kill you with its flatulence)

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"Night Watch" by Blue Dot Sessions | "I Recall" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Soft Horror Piano Drone" by Bobby Cole | "Relinquish" by Podington Bear | "We're loosing time(sic)" by Gregory Tripi | "Clay Pawn Shop" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Dangerous Swing" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Escaping Forever" by Michael Vignola


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Twenty-two Goblins

The most readable, but maybe the most paraphrased:

The Ocean of Streams of Story

Not super-readable, but not bad. The fun starts on page 232:

Another Version of Ocean with a different telling of the 25 tales. Starts on page 198:

Vikram and the Vampire

This one probably differs the most, down to calling the Vetala a vampire which is a common, if inaccurate, translation: