We pick up right where we left off last week: Gunther has tricked his way into marrying Brunhild, and Brunhild decided to give him a minor test of strength on their wedding night. He failed, and ended up naked and hog-tied, yelling out for help while dangling upside down from the rafters.

The creature is the Tsurube-otoshi (釣瓶落とし), from Japan, who will go head-to-head with you in the forest. Because its a giant head.


"Two boys and a girl" by Podington Bear | "Places" by Michael Vignola | "Shapeshifters" by Podington Bear | "Sad Goodbyes" by Mark Kueffner | "Dark Time Ticking" by Robert Valenti | “We are Nowhere” by Sander Kalmeijer | "Sad Hymn" by Ceiri Torjussen


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A character potentially engages in non-violent (though deceptive) sexual activity which would be considered rape. There is considerable violence and blood - nothing overly scary or gruesome, but it is the Middle Ages and these people are not messing around.