A completely new version of the Mulan legend, sourced from a story from the late middle ages, so even if you think you know the Mulan story, this version has twists and turns that make her big secret, that she's a woman pretending to be a man, the least of her worries.

The creature is the Manticore! It's terrifying, but not for the reasons that it should be terrifying.

The earlier Mulan episode based off "The Ballad of Mulan": https://myths.link/4


"Insatiable Toad" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Inside the Origami Violin" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Cocoon Transit" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Vibrant Canopy" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Moving Emotional Piano Hero Track" by Daniel Bordovsky
"Broken" by Michael Vignola

Pictures of the Manticore

These are...yes. If you've ever wondered how many teeth are too many for the human mouth, it's however many the manticore has.