Two short stories from Japan. On the first, an old man is in a tree surrounded by demons and faced with a desperate choice. On the second, a man has a pet that his wife is not thrilled about, so she makes that known. With scissors.

The creature is a sad cow! Or a vampire! Either way you probably don't want to hang out with it.

Weird flavored soda:

The store:

The membership:


"In the Backroom" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Inside the Toy Submarine" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Alsace" by Podington Bear
"Seashore" by Podington Bear
"Inamorata" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Samara" by Podington Bear
"Clair De Lune (Pianet, Moog, and Brushes Arr.)" by Podington Bear


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