Three connected stories of samurai from medieval Japan. On the first, Kintaro, a buff eight-year-old, discovers his destiny. On the second, Watanabe no Tsuna, a samurai warrior in his prime fights a demon that's been terrorizing a gate in Kyoto, and on the third he's recruited by Minamoto no Raiko to follow a magical floating skull to a dilapidated haunted house. All these lead into next week, when the heroes will come together to fight the greatest demon in Japan's history: Shuten-dōji.

The creature is the aspidochelone! A napping turtle! Who might be the devil!

The giraffe skeleton:

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"Vanagon" by Podington Bear

"Rumoi Night" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Orchard Lime" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Evidence Room" by Blue Dot Sessions


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