This week, it's a story from Africa (more specifically the Nilamba people in northern Tanzania) about a hunt for a murderer that goes off the rails very quickly with talking animals...and giant, sad pumpkins.

The creature this week is a dancing horse. A big chunky ballerina boy who wants to give you a high five at 2100 RPM.

Mini wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man:




"Lonely Warbler" by Chad Crouch

"Bird Language (Instrumental)" by Chad Crouch

"Elegant Weasel" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Besos and Abrazos" by Rolemusic

"Celestial Navigation" by Blue Dot Sessions


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An abusive husband (not much abuse is actually detailed) flies into a rage and kills his wife's sister with a quick hit from a club. It's brief and told via flashback at the beginning of the story, but it's there.