Two stories from the Italian writer Giovanni Francesco Straparola, who earns the title of one of the earliest fairy tale writers, putting tales down to paper in the 1500s. On the first, you'll learn that you can't con an honest man...and that you really shouldn't, because the honest man three con men do trick out of a mule comes back for vengeance...and beats the con men at their own game.

On the second story, three men are proudly lazy and make a bet to see who can be the laziest scoundrel. They all try to failing.

The creature is a Bannick! He wants to watch you take a bath!








"New Skin" by Podington Bear

"Caterpillar Brigade" by Podington Bear

"Cracked Nut Suite" by Podington Bear

"Re:Joyce" by Podington Bear

"Shapeshifters" by Podington Bear


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People get stabbed (for fake and for real), and drowned in the river. As for adult stuff, in the final story a visitor arrives in a house at night and...he and the wife get to know each other. It's all quick and there's nothing explicit, but it's there.