Two stories of King David's magic mirror. One actually involves a folklore version of the Biblical king facing off against an enemy from his past...and maybe turning into a balloon? The second involves a rabbi, a murderous sorcerer, and a magic battle dinner party.

The creature is what happens when you stay too long as a vampire. You turn into what's basically an angry George Costanza with seven goat tails.



Scoundrel (new episode out today!):

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Best of the Worst (our new twice-weekly mini-cast we stealth-launched when we brought back Fictional):


"Beeth" by Blue Dot Sessions

"La Naranja Borriana" by Blue Dot Sessions

"The Idle Eyes" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Checkered Blue" by Blue Dot Sessions


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That Terrible Alexander the Great Thing

According to one source "Alexander the Great [helped to bring about this revenant when he] raped the corpse of an Epirote princess, who would not return his love during her lifetime." Yikes.