Three stories from Japan about love gone wrong. On the first, the fairest youth in all the land is set to marry the daughter of a rich noble. The problem? His father kind of oversold his looks... On the second, we'll see why moths and other nighttime bugs go toward the light, and on the third, a lovelorn samurai meets a woman from his past he thought was long gone.

The creature just wants you to chill out and stop trying to kill its friends...or else it will make you swell up in horrifying and painful places.


Fictional this week is a prescient sci-fi tale of isolation and redemption. Check it out:

Scoundrel was new last week, too! Check out the story of the original Great Gatsby:

Want to hear basically a creature of the week segment but with terrible villains from comic book history? Check out Best of the Worst, another show we secret-launched:


"Spinning Meter" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Cocktail Gig" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Two Pound" by Blue Dot Sessions

"The Envelope" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Plate Grayscale" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Slow Line Stomp" by Blue Dot Sessions


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