Tokutarō is not going to be tricked by fox monsters. He's just not.

Also, a dad has a big problem with the new pet cat.

Two stories from Japan about things not being what they seem (or things being exactly what they seem).

**note: I received some bad pronunciation help regarding "Tokutarō" that I didn't realize was incorrect until it was too late. Sorry for that.**


New Scoundrel out this week! Some of the most famous paintings in the world are now publicly visible only because a woman tried to have her own son murdered!


"Plaid Shapes" by Blue Dot Sessions


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On the first story, a woman is tied up, beaten, cut, and eventually burned to death under suspicion of being a mythological creature.

On the second story, two cats get in a fairly vicious fight with a monster. They both end up dead, and the monster gets his throat slashed open (it's in the original...).