We wrap of the stories of the dervishes (and the mysterious visitors to the party who are DEFINITELY NOT the caliph and Jafar) and then the hostess and her sisters find the tables have turned...because, yes of course, they have been threatening the life of their ruler, but moreso...why were they beating those dogs and weeping??

The creature is Napf-Hans! A German version of the butter cat who is neither butter nor cat...but who loves cake and beer.

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There's slightly stronger than usual violence, and also one of the dervishes spends a different night with a different woman over the course of a year. Nothing graphic. That's pretty much what we say in the show.

Significantly worse, however, is that a husband menaces his wife, telling her she can't talk to any man but him. When she "disobeys" him, he has her threatened and beaten unconscious. It's pretty brutal, conceptually, and while we don't linger on the scene but it is there. It's in the last story.