Hephaestus has his day

Who is the smith god of Olympus? Why is he married to Aphrodite, and why can't he catch a break? This week, it's all about Hephaestus and his journey of self discovery where he (hopefully) doesn't fall off a mountain. Again.

The creature is the Sea Hare. It's a hare that lives in the sea and also is relentlessly vicious.

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"Pink Skies" by Chad Crouch
"Soft Light" by Chad Crouch
"Evening Overture" by Chad Crouch
"Among the Reeds" by Chad Crouch
"Grand Caravan" by Blue Dot Sessions


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Oof. Lots of talk of Zeus forcing himself on different women, including his soon-to-be wife, Hera. There's a scene of infidelity where a husband traps a wife and her lover in order to humiliate them (in a not-weird way...). At the end, a male character is a little too quick on the draw and accidentally fathers a child with the earth. Obviously we don't get explicit with any of this, but you can only dance around it so much.