This week, it's the Saga of Göngu-Hrolf, from Icelandic folklore. It starts with a king getting one, solitary, five-foot-long, apparently super attractive hair wrapped in a scarf...and only gets better from there. There are evil wizards belching (yes, belching) fire and poison, somber Vikings getting conned, and a deadly honeypot zombie trap for any heroes who might try to be heroes. It's a fun one.

The creature is the Nunui, and you'll see why you want to wear shoes when gardening.

Chicken arms:


"Our Lament" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Step in Step out" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Caverna" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Babble Babble Brook" by Blue Dot Sessions


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In the middle third of the episode a character slowly strangles another. I talk about the life leaving his eyes and all that. It is, sadly, necessary for the killer's character development

Quote from the author

Since neither this tale nor anything else can be made to please every-one, nobody need believe any more of it than he wants to believe. All the same the best and most profitable thing is to listen while a story is being told, to enjoy it and not be gloomy: for the fact is that as long as people are enjoying the entertainment they won't be thinking any evil thoughts. Nor is it a good thing when listeners find fault with a story just because it happens to be uninformative or clumsily told. Nothing so unimportant is ever done perfectly.