On his quest to help princess Ingigerd, Hrolf has become enslaved by the wily William, a con man who wants to be a prince. This episode, they'll come face-to-face with ghost kings, giant walruses, mythological dwarves, and the evil wizard that took down an entire kingdom.

The creature is Biron (びろ~ん)! He's a little gross and weird!


"Our Ears, Deceivers" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Elegant Weasel" by Blue Dot Sessions
"PlainGrey" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Aloscape 1" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Morning Bells" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Luper" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Ask the Sisters" by Blue Dot Sessions


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Some dismemberment (via sword) and a big bloody battle at the end where there's a lot of death. A man recounts burning his abusive parents alive inside their house when he was a child.