The story of Erec and Enid from Arthurian Legend is a good illustration of why you should try to work out your problems as a couple with empathy, understanding, and communication...and not through a deadly quest filled with pointless, brutal combat.

The creatures are the Elephant Men, the strange visitors you get when you're drinking whiskey with friends down by the river.

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Book by the person in the creature of the week segment:


"Capilla" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Rough Hewn" by Blue Dot Sessions
"The Rampart" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Vulcan Street" by Blue Dot Sessions


Kind of a lot of violence this week. Like I said, it's not explicit and it's so over-the-top to almost be funny, but we have the following:

  • A knight getting his head cut to the point that his brain is exposed. People poke the brain in a humorous scene.
  • Knights getting their heads cut off.
  • Knights getting their windpipes severed and impaled by lances
  • A giant getting a lance through the eye and brain and another getting cut almost in half.
  • A person getting the top of their head and brain cut off.

These are all in the original and what you read there is basically what's in the podcast, but it does exist.