Two stories from English folklore about the secrets we keep. The first is the story of the Monk of Leicester, Dan Hew, a man who has a few verses of poetry he wants to yell at the married women of the village. All the married women.

Humphrey Kynaston likes to party and has made it his life's goal to spend all his dad's money, a goal he'll be able to check off his todo list sooner than he thinks because he's terrible with money.

The creature is the Dobhar-Chu, a vicious otter who might just get his own true crime podcast.


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The Farmer's Dog: The Farmer’s Dog makes and delivers fresh, healthy dog food. It’s Mila’s favorite!

Humphrey Kynaston video


A couple hits a man in the head with a mace, killing him accidentally. The rest of the episode is a number of people trying to dispose of a corpse without implicating themselves. It's fairly dark humor, but there's nothing graphic.