Slug, frog, snake, shoot!

You've heard of rock, paper, scissors, but have you heard of slug, frog, snake? That old man you're trying to rob who lives in the mountains by himself has. Hope you like everything being covered in slime.

Apparently these characters were reimagined for the manga/anime Naruto, but I haven't seen Naruto, so please don't sue me, people who own Naruto.

The creature is Jasconius. The island that will eat you.

Source for today's show:


A Harbinger by Chad Crouch
The Folly of Human Conceits by Chad Crouch
Camas by Chad Crouch
Lakira by Chad Crouch
The Grove by Chad Crouch
Outlook by Chad Crouch
In My Head by Chad Crouch


A samurai is defeated and cut down. A young man murders a cave full of bandits "off-screen" and then it's implied that he tortures the final bandit.