The epic story of Fatima, Dhat Al-Himma, the warrior woman, princess, mystic begins with the misadventures of her family line where they learn the perils of bad poetry, why you shouldn't marry genies, and it might be a bad thing to constantly rob your enemies when your bank account gets a little low.

The creature is Grootslang, a snake with diamond eyes that maybe has an elephant best friend.


Grove Melody by Chad Crouch
Numesy by Chad Crouch
Sea Smoke by Chad Crouch
Rack Focus by Chad Crouch
Afternoons by Chad Crouch
Little Brown Bird by Chad Crouch


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One man threatens a pregnant woman with rape (he doesn't) and then he murders her by a quick stab in the back. Another man harasses a teenage girl, making her fear for her safety before she kills him. General violence (heads rolling and stuff, some blood).