Undine the water elemental has a soul. And an evil uncle. And a friend who is in love with her husband. And about a thousand family members who want to see that everything works out for her. Her story, and that of Sir Huldbrand's, is far from over.

The creature is Sore-Gus, who's actually pretty sore. Because he's missing both a chunk of meat from his side.

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"Forner's Churn" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Fieldfare" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Sandpiper in Motion" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Cover Letter" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Dusky" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Crested T" by Blue Dot Sessions


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The scene I mentioned

“Alas!” replied the pale figure, “will you not then look upon me once more? I am as fair now as when you wooed me on the island!”

“Oh, if it indeed were so,” sighed Huldbrand, “and that I might die by a kiss from you!”

“Most willingly, my own love,” said she. She threw back her veil; heavenly fair shone forth her pure countenance. Trembling with love and the awe of approaching death, the knight leant towards her. She kissed him with a holy kiss; but she relaxed not her hold, pressing him more closely in her arms, and weeping as if she would weep away her soul. Tears rushed into the knight’s eyes, while a thrill both of bliss and agony shot through his heart, until he at last expired, sinking softly back from her fair arms upon the pillow of his couch a corpse.

“I have wept him to death!” said she to some domestics, who met her in the ante-chamber; and passing through the terrified group, she went slowly out, and disappeared in the fountain.