This is where we meet Merlin, a son of a demon who uses his evil powers for good. But he's not yet the bearded sorcerer we all kind of know and love. No, he first enters our story as a serious seven year-old with power over magic, the ability to prophesy, and knowledge of the past, present, and future. The only problem? He's about to be executed by Vortigern's magicians. Luckily, his life will be saved by not one, but two dragons. Its the origin story of the world's most famous legendary wizard.

Then, on the creature of the week, you'll hear me embarrass myself trying to pronounce the name of this big, stupid dog.

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"Let's Ride" by Alasdair Cooper

"Cheap Suit" by Jason Staczek

"You Know Who You Are" by Alan Singley

"Rivers and Mountains" by The Losers

"Something Elated" by Broke for Free

"Wandering" by Steve Combs