351-Dragons: Alternate History

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A mother and son are surviving at the end of the world, while monsters prowl the wasteland all around. And now, one of them wants to leave. The creature is the Kudan (件), a human-faced bovine who wants you to have its poster up in your home. A lot of posters, actually. Source: [...]

267-Dragons: The Horse and his Boy

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A story of believing in yourself and finding your own way in the world...by imitating Pokemon and Hodor and wearing flashy suits from your best friend's stone safehouse. From a story from what's now Czech Republic and Slovakia, called "Prince Bayaya." Coming to a garden near you, the creature is the Jidra, from [...]

61-Solomon: One Ring

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According to folklore, King Solomon had a ring. Given to him by God, it allowed him control demons...but it also had some other powers unknown to Solomon, powers that make it essential for fighting dragons, escaping witches, and taking nice Sunday afternoon flights through the country. The creature is a shaggy, mostly-kind monster [...]

60C-Beowulf: Unknowable but Certain

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There has been a menace sleeping in Beowulf's homeland since he was born. It has lived for centuries, and it is strong and dangerous, while Beowulf has lived for only eighty years, and is weakening. Yet, their paths draw them inexorably toward one another in a battle that will live on in legend, [...]

53-African Folklore: Crocodile Tears

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The story of a dragon slayer from South Africa has, of course, dragons, but it also has giant towers, underwater villages, and a frog who is just trying to have a nice dinner with his family without all the insults, thank you very much. The creature this week is the world-famous Leprechaun. You should definitely not [...]

46C-Jason: The Long Way Home

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It finally comes time to fight the dragon, (hopefully) survive the return journey home, and have the showdown with Pelias. This is a big episode. If you've made it this far in the series, though, it probably doesn't matter what I write here, because you are either into the Argonaut story or not. Really, though, it is [...]

44-Saint George: Here Be Dragons

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The Episode Summary: Three and a half stories of monsters of the ancient world. We meet vile beasts that lurk in the forests, the murky deep, and the wide, desolate places of the world. We meet the baby, the Thor, and the saints that slay them. We meet bears that can be bribed with cake. Folklore [...]

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