The story behind the transition from Saint Nicholas to Santa Claus is one that includes murder, priest-punching, and ominous, demonic-looking companions. This episode looks at the legends behind an austere bishop who has been transformed into a magical, portly elf.

**Note: as I say in the show, this episode is not for young children. The story of St. Nick includes grisly murders and mentions of prostitution. Listener discretion is advised.**

The creature of the week is another sort of Santa from Spain who, in the old days, eschewed the coal for bad children for a long, deadly scythe.

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Krampus pictures

The History of Rome


"The Krampus Song" by J Dobbs Rosa (J. Dobbs Rosa on Twitter)

"Threads and Veils" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Lathe" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Sirius" by Sergey Cheremisinov

"Cheap Suit" by Jason Staczek

"Dune" by Filip Roter

"Sorcery" by Bog

"Christmas Lights" by Patrick Poe

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