In Austria and other places, people have been sending postcards with Krampus since the 1800s. Some of them are terrifying, but most are just hilarious.

Krampus 6

A lot of bad kids this year...

How do you like them apples?


This is really only a one-person ride, Krampus. Please wait your turn.Krampus3 Krampus4

Absolutely not awkwardly reproduced from several disparate photographs...


St. Nick and his buddy.Krampus7

And bad times were had by all.

This is not the way to pick up a child.
Krampus9 Krampus10

He's super-cheery...just walking kids off to hell.

Eyes on the road.


There's also a tradition in Alpine areas of a Krampus run. This is where adults get dressed up as the beast and run through town, usually after imbibing some alcohol. Unlike the cutesy pictures above, these are right out of a horror movie.

Krampusrun1 Krampusrun3 Krampusrun4 Krampusrun6 Krampusrun7