Three stories of tricksters. We have Coyote from Native American mythology giving great gifts and racing a turtle. There's also Anansi the spider-man from West African folklore, who is trying to buy the stories of the world. We also catch up with our old friend Loki from Norse mythology, who just wants to give Thor's wife an impromptu, un-asked-for haircut.

The creature of the week is an emaciated horse who will either play harmless pranks on you, or crush you to death in the street.

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"Waltz Ohia" by Fields Ohio | "Redhead" by Jazzer | "Modulation of the Spirit" by Little Glass Men | "Wild Ones" by Jazzer | "The Beat Influence" by Cullah | "Theme K" by Steve Combs and the Delta Is | "Inner Light" by Kevin MacLeod