As promised, here are the pictures of the pig-faced lady. These first two are prints from the 1600s. They are very accurate.


Ouch, indeed.


These later ones were from the craze in the 1800s

This first one is one of the articles mentioned in the show


The engraving of the Manchester Square pig-faced lady


Want color? Here's color.Pig-faced_Lady_of_Manchester_Square

Another, virtually identical articlePig lady

Another conception of the lady.atkinson

This one has hair, which I never considered, but it's weird, right? Yeah, it's weird. Also, anyone know anything about the Spanish Mule of Madrid? I can't find anything on...let's say him?640px-The_Pig-faced_Lady_and_the_Spanish_MuleAnd lastly, a hairless bear. See - if you were in the dark, it could really look like a pig person!