Folklore doesn't only belong to the academics or scholars or authors. Nope, folklore belongs to everyone. That's the great thing about it. For the most part, it has grown from centuries of voices telling the stories over and over again.

Though I try to get out of the western canon and tell stories from all over the world, there are stories I will never encounter and, thus, never be able to tell. Since, amazingly, people listen to this podcast from all over the world, I want to give everyone a chance to chime in. Want to tell a story from your culture/country? Awesome! I'd love to put it up as a bonus episode with as much or as little credit/attribution as you want.

Some rules:

  • Preferably nothing overly graphically violent or sexually explicit. Sex and violence are a fact of life and many of these stories, but be tasteful.
  • No swearing.
  • It must be in the public domain, or at least not copyrighted. I'll do my due diligence researching before I post, but if you know something is copyrighted, please don't use it.
  • Please try to get outside of what people usually think of when they think of folklore, so avoid King Arthur, Robin Hood, Greek/Roman/Norse/most mythologies. I'll cover stuff like that. Try to do something unique and local, like a local creature or belief, or a local story of the Black Dog.


Disclaimer: When you send me something, you are giving me permission to play it in it's entirety or edit/mix it in any way I see fit. I promise I will not splice it together to make you say something ridiculous or something like that, but I just have to put this up so that you know what I'll do. I'll work my best to make you sound as good as possible and I'll cut out long pauses, "ums," or times you mess up.


How to send it?

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Alternatively, you can record something on your phone, and send it along to me. Here's how to do that:

If you have an iPhone, it's simple. Go to voice memos, record something, and when you are finished, either e-mail it to me at or save it to your computer and upload it using one of the links below. As with the option above, you may be charged for data use if you are uploading from a smart phone.


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