Tom Thumb is the story of a guy named Tom...who is as big as his dad's thumb. A practical joke by a wizard, Tom went on to become Sir Thomas Thumb, the greatest knight in the realm, but not before becoming indigestion for a giant, a raven's canker sore, and exploring all the thrilling intricacies of a cow's digestive system.

The creature this week is a fish that's more manly than I'll ever be.


"Le Monstre" by Podington Bear | "Pives and Flarinet" by Podington Bear | "Elephants on Parade" by Podington Bear | "Releasing the Sculpture" by Podington Bear | "Two Boys and a Girl" by Podington Bear | "Airliner" by Podington Bear | "New Skin" by Podington Bear | "Denouement" by Podington Bear | "Waiting for the Moment that Never Comes" by Lee Rosevere  | "You're Enough" by Lee Rosevere


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