The city of Athens is one of the most famous of the ancient world and its royal family was plagued with, well, weirdness. Between the dragon kings and the bird people, you either had to be sure to trust no one, or to never go anywhere ever because the wind or even the dawn could be out to get you.

The creature of the week is a fairy cow by the name of Fuwch Gyfeiliorn which I have the good sense to not even begin to attempt to say.


"Bombadore" by Blue Dot Sessions | "The Records" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Slow Line Stomp" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Rate Sheet" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Setting Pace" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Jog to the Water" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Minor Islands" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Crumbling Dock" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Waves of Intensity" by Podington Bear


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There is significant mention of rape in this episode. One god chases after another before attempting to assault her. Another man keeps a woman prisoner and assault is implied. A god pulls a young girl into a cave and assaults and impregnates her. None of this is graphic or really that descriptive, but it does exist.

There's also some domestic violence, where a husband cuts out a wife's tongue.